• Deploying 4P-Pharma startup studio’s model, mainly focusing on the development of promising Single Product Vehicle (SPVs).
  • Enriching internal pipeline with regenerated first-in-class products against serious untreated diseases.
  • Securing additional runaway to ensure company growth and operational agility.
  • Engaging towards external 4P-Pharma’s growth through M&A and licensing- in- opportunities.


Lille & Paris, 29th April 2024 – 4P-Pharma, a Lille-based clinical-stage biotechnology company and startup studio focused on developing curative therapies for untreated serious diseases, announces that it has successfully secured a total capital of €15 million in its second closing with participation from private investors.  

With this funding, 4P-pharma’s shareholders renew their confidence in the company’s drug regeneration model for untreated serious diseases. They welcome the entry of Phase 2 clinical development of the two first 4P-Pharma SPVs, underlying the robust potential of the company’s business model. 

Revital Rattenbach, CEO of 4P-Pharma: “As CEO of 4P-Pharma, I am pleased with the renewed trust of our investors placed in our scientific and development approach year after year. This financial endorsement underscores our significant progress over the past decade. It attests to the strength of our model for delivering first-in-class treatments for people suffering from untreated serious diseases”. 

This additional shareholders’ financial backing is a boost that will allow 4P-Pharma to deploy its drug regeneration model triggered by an unrevealed match between established MOA with unexplored targeting of disease biology, paving the way for developing first-in-class therapies. 

This cashflow reserve ensures financial stability and operational agility to engage actively external growth opportunities through M&A and licensing-in and accelerate 4P-Pharma’s startup studio model for building a balanced pipeline towards the commercial stage. 

Revital Rattenbach concludes: “After a decade of existence, 4P-Pharma is opening a novel turning point of its growth. This successful capital-secure will enable us to push forward our patient-centric vision transforming science into success stories for the best for the patients and the whole medical community”.