4P-Pharma joins forces with Qingdao Marine Biomedical Research Institute for translation research in China and Europe

4P-Pharma and Qingdao Marine Biomedical Research Institute (QMBRI) have decided to combine their expertise to jointly develop their first-in-class drug candidates in China and Europe through the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deal with their respective molecules.


“[…] It is our ambition to create a fruitful and long-term partnership for our two countries and patients worldwide”, said Dali Zhang, Vice-President of QMBRI.


“We are very pleased to build this partnership with QMBRI’s team. […]”, said Revital Rattenbach, Chairwoman of 4P-Pharma and 4Moving Biotech. “We strongly believe that our combining work will definitely benefit to Chinese, European and worldwide patients.”


“[…] I am especially happy of QMBRI and 4P-Pharma’s partnership”, said Mr. Daowen Du, European director of ICCIC-Gung Ho. “The possibility to provide a quick access of repositioning drugs, whose benefit/risk ratio has been positively proved, to the largest number of people is particularly important for China. We welcome very strongly 4P-Pharma’s expertise to guarantee Chinese drug candidates’ arrival in Europe.”



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Institut de la Vision & 4P-Pharma announce a partnership for the development of an innovative therapy for retinal diseases

4P-Pharma, a clinical-stage biotechnology company and the research center Institut de la Vision (Sorbonne Université, Inserm, CNRS) establish a partnership agreement for the development of 4P020, a promising therapeutic approach for dry age-related macular degeneration (dAMD) and Stargardt disease with the support of the SATT Lutech.
This drug candidate, initially studied by Dr Valerie Fontaine at the Institut de la Vision, opens a new therapeutic strategy for these diseases.

“This public-private partnership demonstrates our shared commitment to develop breakthrough and novel therapies that can have a meaningful impact for the millions of patients suffering from dAMD and Stargardt disease worldwide,” says Revital Rattenbach, chairwoman of 4P-Pharma. “Our goal is to accelerate the development of this innovative drug and bring it to the clinic as quickly as possible”.

Valerie Fontaine’s team at IDV
From left to right Elodie MONTEIRO, Thinhinane BOUMEDINE, Valérie FONTAINE, Cécile VIDAL


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Urodelia & 4P-Pharma announce a business development partnership in Animal Health for Apa.vac® anticancer therapeutic vaccine

Urodelia, a Toulouse (France) biotech company specialized in personalised anti-cancer therapeutic vaccine, and 4P-Pharma, a Lille (France) biotech company specialised in human and animal drug development, are pleased to announce that they established a business development partnership. As an exclusive partner, 4P-Pharma will seek strategic opportunities in Animal Health for the licensing-out of Urodelia’s Apa.vac® anticancer therapeutic vaccine.

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