Preclinical infectious diseases

4P Pharma develop tailored R&D programs from in vitro screening to experimental infectious models in animals. We choose from our battery of  infectious diseases models to design on-demand protocols for preclinical testing. We provide a flexible experimental design to the investigators. We have the adequate, secure laboratory resources and well-trained personal to handle infectious material. Infectious agents are manipulated in BL2 unit according to strict security rules.

For every preclinical studies performed, we ensure an intercross between in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo models along with unbiased laboratory, species and model independency.

In vivo preclinical experimental services


Exposure to pathogens
Clinical evaluation
Vaccine or drug administration
Sample collection and storage (blood, serum, secretions, etc.)
Necropsy with collection of tissues for enumeration of pathogen burden, histopathology and immunohistochemistry
Histopathological evaluation by a board-certified veterinary pathologist
Serologic assays

Preclinical viral models


We can test a series of viral pathogens, among which:

Herpes and Influenza A.

Preclinical bacterial models


We have laboratory and models resources to test various bacterial pathogens including:
Impetigo and Salmonella.

In vitro preclinical infectious models


Bacterial cell cultivation
Bacterial cell enumeration
AMES test
Viral titers
Viral detection