4P Pharma offers a wide range of preclinical cancer models. We provide expertise, guidance and develop flexible tailored preclinical programs from in vitro drug screening to experimental tumor models in animals. We choose from our battery of tests to design unique preclinical protocols answering each therapeutics specificity. In vivo tumor modeling for the study of cancer growth and metastasis are characterized by inoculation of cancer cells in immunodeficient rodent models.

For every preclinical studies performed, we ensure an intercross between in vitro, in vivo and ex-vivo models along with unbiased laboratory, species and model independency.

Oncology services package


Experimental models: in vitro screening, orthotopic cancer models, xenograft cancer models

NCI mini program and NCI drug development group

Available preclinical tumor models


Skin, Melanoma
Colon, Bladder
Breast , Ovarian, Cervix
Pancreas, Liver
Brain, Neuronal

In vivo experimental tumor models


Subcapsular (kidney)tumor grafting

Orthopic implantation (bladder carcinoma, liver)

Intra-parenchymal (glioblastoma)

Subcutaneous Xenografts

Fat pad implantation (breast cancer)

I.V delivery of tumor cells (metastases simulation)

Intra-parenchymal (Glioblastoma)

Drug discovery and development services

Screening of compound efficacy in a battery of in vitro assays and in vivo models. These models include among others cell lines or tumor derived:



orthopic/ectopic implantations

intracranial implantation

hollow fiber implantation

metastatic cell lines tumors