With a 15 years expertise in preclinical testing, 4P-Pharma provides R&D solutions and preclinical expertise in managing and performing state-of-the-art in vivo, in vitro and ex-vivo disease models in order to design unique preclinical programs.

We establish flexible tailored R&D protocols that fit each therapeutics testing requirements. We ensure unbiased laboratory, models and species independency along with intercross between in vivo, ex-vivo and in vitro models.

4P-Pharma has a special focus on cancer, inflammatory and infectious diseases and extensive know-how in :


♦ Preformulation/formulation

♦ Critical steps in early drug discovery, drug screening

♦ Preclinical in vivo, in vitro, ex vivo testing

♦ Regulatory knowledge

♦ Manufacturing processes

Take a tour of our preclinical R&D expertise:

♦ 4P-Pharma R&D Cancer models

♦ 4P-Pharma R&D Inflammatory diseases models

♦ 4P-Pharma R&D Infectious diseases models