4P-pharma is developing premier translational research partnership with:

Institutions, universities, technology transfer offices, French SATTs, start-ups, VCs and investors, biotech companies and pharmaceutical industries to co-develop early stage innovative technologies.


business model

Drug development process is a long, risky and expensive process. It has become extremely difficult to find pharmaceutical companies willing to invest in a technology/compound at an early stage of development. In particular, pharmaceutical companies are looking at technologies/compounds at relatively mature stage (i.e. early clinical stages) and investors need to be assured that the technology/compound they are possibly investing in has been validated in an independent environment. As a result, the number of new drugs entering the development pipeline is dangerously drying up, despite all the efforts of researchers and biotech startups.

Our adaptative collaborative program is based on a co-risk co-share model. We acquire an in-licensing option of innovative technologies or we set up different business models (equity, joint venture, etc) via an agreeable co-development program with our partner. We move technologies through developmental decision, building bridges to bring innovation to commercial and technological exploitation phase, in a resources-optimized and timely manner.

Our philosophy driven developmental approach is that when you bring clarity to a vision, you create a product. Accordingly, we bring to our partner a transparent, well-balanced risk, mitigated co-development program to nurture early-stage technologies.

Before starting the relatively expensive formal preclinical phase, we validate therapeutics using generic development approaches balancing resources, stage and risks in order to generate relevant and critical information for internal, as well as external, decision making points.

At every step of technology development, we provide expertise and R&D guidance, and we ensure an unbiased laboratory, models and species independency in a 4-stage proofing state-of-the-art early therapeutics development.