Sonia is our Chief Operating Officer. She joined 4P-Pharma in 2020 to coordinate and oversee scientific operations of 4P-Pharma. She is also involved in strategic and business planning.

Sonia brings over two decades of experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including strategic and operational management, and R&D. Before joining 4P-Pharma, Sonia was consultant for drugs R&D biotechs. She has been, the Chief Operating Officer of Regulaxis, supervising the R&D operations of an osteoarthritis therapy toward the entry into clinic. She was also involved in the business strategy of the company. Prior to that, Sonia co-founded and headed for 8 years Mutabilis, a biotechnology company developing therapeutic molecules for the treatment of bacterial infections. She has also held leadership roles at Sandoz (Vienna, Austria), Sytemix (Palo Alto, USA), Sanofi Aventis, Fabpharma and Biosantech, ranging from director of research to executive director.

Sonia holds a PhD in Human Biology from Claude Bernard University (Lyon 1) and is the co-author of more than 40 scientific articles and patents in the fields of anti-infectives, HIV and gene therapy.