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M comme Mutuelle annonce son entrée au capital de 4p-Pharma

Lille, September 19 4P-Pharma, a biotechnology company specializing in the development of new medicines in the areas of cancer, inflammatory diseases, and stimulants abuse, announces the entry into its capital of M comme Mutuelle. This new funding will help support the first phase I clinical trial led by 4P-Pharma.              &hellip

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Partenariat entre 4P-Pharma et SATT Lutech

Our partnership (InOSTEO project) with the team of Prof. F.Berenbaum (centre de recherche Saint-Antoine UPMC/INSERM) and SATT Lutech is featured in the SATT Lutech october newsletter.   ET SI TOUT S’ARTICULAIT ! Qu’est-ce qui a motivé 4P-Pharma pour s’engager dans le programme ?    « Tout d’abord, nous sommes ravis de participer au développement du programme InOSTEO.&hellip

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