4P-Pharma au Deeptech tour de Bpifrance à Paris-Sorbonne Université

Revital Rattenbach, CEO de 4P-Pharma, sera l’ambassadrice du Deeptech tour organisé par Bpifrance au Centre International de Conférences de Sorbonne Université à Paris le 9 mars 2020.

Elle interviendra lors de la session plénière en tant qu’entrepreneur de l’écosystème.

Lien de l’évènement et programme : http://deeptechtoursorbonne.evenium-site.com/site/le-deeptech-tour-sorbonne-universite;jsessionid=UE6Dr4FnVKg!bwsMI8rdesYe.gl2

4P-Pharma at Biotech Showcase 2020

4P-Pharma’s CEO, Revital Rattenbach, will attend the upcoming Biotech Showcase 2020 in San Francisco (USA), January 13th-15th, 2020.

Contact us via the partnering platform or by e-mail to schedule a meeting and discuss future collaborations.

4P-Pharma at the 3rd International Symposium Research on Healthy Ageing – Longevity Symposium

A poster on 4P-004 entitled “Protective Effects of Intra-Articular Formulated Liraglutide in Osteoarthritis: Preclinical Studies” will be presented during the 3rd International Symposium Research on Healthy Ageing – Longevity Symposium in Institut Pasteur de Lille, France, December 11th-12th 2019, by our Research Assistant, Coralie Meurot (PhD student).

For further information, please feel free to contact our R&D team, Coralie Meurot, Jérôme Breton and Céline Martin via e-mail.

4P-Pharma will attend the 10th DDIP, November 28th-29th 2019 – Barcelona, Spain

We’re glad to announce that Céline Martin, 4P-Pharma’s R&D Manager will speak during  the 10th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme (10th DDIP) organized by the World BI, November 28th-29th 2019, at Barcelona, Spain: “Pharmaceutical Development Through A Rapid Value Creation Business Model”.

To learn more about 4P-Pharma, our pipeline and our partnerships, please feel free to contact Céline or Roselina Lam, our Business Developer, via email.