Happy Holidays!

4P-Pharma team wishes you a happy holidays season. We believe that with hard work, imagination and a strong team spirit everything is achievable, and the dream that you were pursuing  becomes right there for you to grab!


drawing by: Johan Toggenburger


Our collaboration with Elsevier’s The Hive program continues with a new blog post entry!  In our previous blog post we detailed how Elsevier’s suite of R&D solutions have been helping us in boosting our Research (Read it here). This time we focus on our business model of partnerships and co-development to detect and develop promising technologies in the field of cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Read our latest blog post: https://pharma.elsevier.com/pharma-rd/leveraging-partnerships-rescue-develop-promising-technologies/


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4P-Pharma à Parcours France 2018: compte-rendu de la table ronde sur les Biotech en France

Les 4 et 5 octobre derniers se tenait au Palais Brogniart l’édition 2018 de Parcours France, l’événement incontournable de l’économie et business en régions.

A cette occasion, Revital Rattenbach, CEO 4P-Pharma, est intervenue lors  d’une table ronde organisée en partenariat avec France Biotech sur le thème ” Biotech en France, un succès possible grâce aux clusters d’innovation locaux”

Retrouvez le compte-rendu de cette table ronde sur le site de Parcours France:


4P-Pharma lost a friend

It is with great sadness that we learned the untimely death of Dr. Yoram Sela on September 26 2018. The 4P-Pharma team extends its deepest sympathies and condolences to his brother Dr. I. Lamensdorf, Dr. Sela’s family and friends.

Dr. Sela will be remembered as a tireless innovative mind, a seasoned scientist and recognized expert with a unique sense of humor and wit. Our company has benefited from his vast experience and knowledge. One of his and Dr. Lamensdorf inventions is at the core of a linchpin project of our company, and we are thankful for that.

Godspeed Yoram !


4P-Pharma family