4P-Pharma at Biomed 2016

Our CEO Revital Rattenbach will attend the upcoming Biomed 2016 meeting, on May 24-26. Meet her there at the Pharmaseed’s booth #85 to discuss future partnerships.



4P-Pharma at MEET2WIN 2016

4P Pharma’s CEO, Revital Rattenbach, and our business developer Luigi Formicola, will be attending the upcoming MEET2WIN meeting in Bordeaux, May 12-13 2016.

Contact us via the partnering platform to schedule a meeting and discuss future collaborations.


Press release – 1st December 2015

4P Pharma, SATT AxLR and IBMM have concluded a co-development agreement


Montpellier, December 1st 2015


In the context of an innovative medical drug development project for the treatment of cancers, called “Imiqualines”, the oncology-pharmaco-chemical and pharmaco-toxicological team of IBMM, SATT AxLR and 4P Pharma have concluded a co-development maturation agreement with a licensing option.


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EN: Press release 4P Pharma-SATT AxLR 011215

FR: Communiqué de presse 4P Pharma-SATT AxLR 011215 Press release 4P Pharma-SATT AxLR 011215



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4P Pharma at BioFIT 2015

We will be attending BioFIT 2015 in Strasbourg, France, on next December 1st and 2nd.

Come and meet us there to talk about innovation and learn more about our innovative model to accelerate preclinical drug development!