4P-Pharma and Delta 4, an Austrian digital drug development company, today announce the signing of a collaboration agreement. Under this agreement, both companies will jointly identify and develop first-in-class drug candidates for a rare autoimmune chronic liver disease for which currently no effective curative treatment is available.

Kurt Herpel, CEO of Delta4 commented that “We are looking forward to joining forces with 4P-Pharma to make a difference for patients who are suffering from a devastating disease […]”.

Revital Rattenbach, CEO of 4P-Pharma said “With this partnership, we will benefit from Delta 4’s AI proprietary computational analytics platform to identify breakthrough drug candidates […]”

Read the full press release: PR_Delta_4-4P-Pharma

Press contact:

Roselina Lam, Business Development and Licensing-in Manager​

E-mail: roselina@4p-pharma.com