Partnership with SATT Lutech

Our partnership (InOSTEO project) with the team of Prof. F.Berenbaum (centre de recherche Saint-Antoine UPMC/INSERM) and SATT Lutech is featured in the SATT Lutech october newsletter.



Qu’est-ce qui a motivé 4P-Pharma pour s’engager dans le programme ? 

  « Tout d’abord, nous sommes ravis de participer au développement du programme InOSTEO. L’excellence scientifique du projet ainsi que son fort potentiel de développement clinique étaient les deux points moteurs pour nous engager dans ce programme porté par la SATT Lutech. […] » 






4P-Pharma at Biofit 2016

4P-Pharma team will be attending the next BioFIT 2016 conference in Lille, France, on November 30- December 1st.

Come and meet us Booth I11  to talk about innovation, maturation program and co-development partnership! You can also schedule a meeting with via the partnering platform.

We hope to meet you there!



Press Release – September 19 2016

4P-Pharma announces the entry into its capital of M comme Mutuelle.


Lille, September 19

4P-Pharma, a biotechnology company specializing in the development of new medicines in the areas of cancer, inflammatory diseases, and stimulants abuse, announces the entry into its capital of M comme Mutuelle. This new funding will help support the first phase I clinical trial led by 4P-Pharma.









Read the full press release :

EN: Press Release 4P-Pharma and M comme Mutuelle 2016

FR: Communiqué de presse 4P Pharma-M comme Mutuelle 2016


Press contact M comme Mutuelle

Ghislain Fauquet, director of communication

E-Mail :  . Phone : 33 (0) 6 48 77 12 04 .


Press contact 4P-Pharma

Keren Bismuth, scientific communications manager.

E-mail: Phone :33 (0)9 72 84 72 64.


Press Release – September 1st 2016

Signature of a license agreement between 4P-Pharma, SATT-Aquitaine and University of Bordeaux for the development of an anti-cancer drug.


Talence, September 1st

4P-Pharma has signed an exclusive license agreement with Aquitaine Science Transfert, for the development of a drug targeting pancreatic cancer, triple negative breast cancer or colon cancer. The molecule was first developed and patented by researchers from the laboratory of Angiogenesis and Cancer Microenvironment (LAMC – University of Bordeaux / Inserm).This signature materializes the technology transfer process managed by Inserm Transfert and the SATT Aquitaine. The funding for the project maturation amounts to 375 k€ over a 3-year time frame.


satt aquitaine logo4p-pharma





Read the full press release :
EN: Press Release 4P-Pharma SATT Aquitaine License agreement

FR: Communiqué de presse 4P Pharma-SATT Aquitaine 2016


Watch the video of the event


Press contact Aquitaine Science Transfert

Claire Moras, communications manager

E-Mail : Phone : 33 (0)5 33 51 43 28 . Cell: 06 19 57 48 66 .

Yann Mondon, marketing and communications director.

E-Mail : Phone : +33 (0)6 30 51 22 94 . Cell : 06 30 51 22 94 .


Press contact 4P-Pharma

Keren Bismuth, scientific communications manager.

E-mail: Phone :33 (0)9 72 84 72 64.


4P-Pharma is 2 years old!

Today, we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary! We would like to thank our partners for their trust along those two years, and hope to welcome even more collaborators in the years to come!



4P-Pharma team at La Parisienne race

4P-Pharma team will participate to the annual La Parisienne race on September 11, 2016.

La Parisienne is an annual race occurring in Paris. Each year, some of the benefits of the race are used to raise awareness and support medical research against breast cancer.



4P-Pharma at the next MATWIN workshop in Paris

MATWIN and Cancer Campus are organizing a workshop whose theme will be ” How to optimize and maturate innovations in the field of oncology: from preclinical to early clinical trials” . The workshop will be held in Paris, september 8-9.

Our CEO, Revital Rattenbach will be giving a presentation on september 8 2016. She will be speaking about the “Key success factors for preclinical and early clinical trials.”

About 4P-Pharma oncology pipeline.


Workshop program